Lost My Virginity At 13 And It Really Wasn't A Mistake...and This Is A Long, Long Story.

My parents, nor my school, ever taught about anything sexual. i learned my sex education from a variety of adult tv shows and the internet. Though, unlike alot of kids my age who learned of many things this way, i wasn't ****** up because of it. I was able to look at things a learned from family guy and stand-up with a mature enough perspective to know how serious something is, that sex isn't a joke, that using protection is important, i digress. my point is even at 12 and 13 i had a head start on that stuff from a much more mature perspective you'd expect of a 12 year old. at 12 i really didn't look it, most people thought i was 15 or 16, and i even thought i saw some *ahem* older...women staring, but i would dismiss this thinking it was arrogance (even though i was never arrogant in any way at all).  

later that school year i met a girl, Emily. she was about my age and fairly attractive for a 12 year old....or 15 or 16 as many people including myself thought. at lunch one day one of my friends dared me to go talk to her, i thought it was a bit childish but i was up for it. it was a good opportunity too, she was sitting alone at her own table. but i felt nervous, seemed like i was the typical horny boy who's just hitting puberty (though i started puberty very young, i remember my first  erection at 6 or 7). i sat infront of her and said high, explained how my immature friend dared me to talk to her and i just humored him. she giggled and introduced herself, i returned the favor. we shook hands and my friend  made a face to me like "oh hell yeah dude!" he looked like any frat boy in college when his friend "got *****". but, he was 12, he was a kid, i grew up too fast, i digress.

in the next weeks we talked more and more, we had similar interests and opinions. i found talking to her a joy, my life up until that point didn't really leave my own house, so i felt as though i was really doing something, even if all that was, was chatting with a girl i had a small crush on. like me she knew many things she was too young to know but looked at those things with a mature perspective, like me, she didn't know as much as i did, just the really dirty things really, that was a good thing i guess. she was more innocent without being uneducated, sexually that is. quite bright girl too.

we grew closer, i could tell she liked me too, i remember her giving me my first kiss. i'd always thought i'd make my first kiss, but she got me when i wasn't looking. though, i turned it into a french kiss. most other "couples" our age really weren't in love. they'd walk down the hall holding hands and kiss eachother on the cheek, but nothing was ever serious at all. when i was with Emily we were say sitting in a park or on a couch i'd always hold her very close, the way 12 year olds are said they shouldn't, not in a dirty way, but in the way a married couple would. we would just talk for hours, about many things, hardly really ever "i love you, no i love you more, etc". of course this might sound a bit cliche like in some kind of teen romance film, but you'll just have to take my word when i say it was more than that.

summer came, we were 13 now. that didn't make anything different though. we'd been together for close to a year now, we were close, knew everything about eachother. in the past 2 months everytime we were alone and were close we were just a simple hand placement or 2 from going "too far". the one thing stopping us was just the thought "we're 12". we often talked about this. how we dont't think, or even look like we're 13, but much older. i told her i'd never make her do anything she didn't want to, but if she did want to, we'd have to make arrangements. when no one would be at one of our houses, not to mention i had to ask my older brother for a box of condoms which still haunts me to this day, atleast he kept it a secret.

eventually we got so uhh...horny that we really couldn't contain it, my mom was out of the house for a while and i had my protection. i told her that i knew the first time hurt, atleast for women. she didn't care, "better to get that part over with now". that line always makes me blush. a funny thing that i'll never forget is that you'd think a box of average [adult] sized condoms would be too big, when i put one on i thought "that...fits perfectly". that part isn't important at all i just wanted to mention it, sorry for that. anyway, we did it, and then did our cuddle and talking thing, but there wasn't too much talking. it went well for my first time to say the least. it was really emotional, i felt so strongly for her i could honestly say that i loved her, and though you would think a 13 year old doesn't know what love is. i'm still convinced today that i really did love her.

things didn't really change or get weird after that, we did it every so often. couldn't do it too much in case we got caught...i can only imagine what he father would have done to me...i digress. things continued like a normal relationship, when we got into high school we saw eachother a bit less often because of all the word we had to do, though when we did spend time with eachother it was for much longer time. when we got to our senior years we started talking about our relationship, how we had spent as much time together as many people do from the time they get married to when they get a divorce. we were going to different colleges and may never see eachother again. we were both sad but were grateful we got to be together as long as we could. we made love one last time and kissed eachother goodbye. i'm in my sophomore year of college and call her every now and then. i'll find someone else if i never see her again. i'm sure of it.

well, that's it, i lost my virginity at 13 but it wasn't a bad thing. though i was young, it really wasn't wrong. i was in love, i was mature, and i never forced on her (ugh, that sounded vaguely dirty). things worked out fine, it was like losing your virginity at any other point of your teenaged years. um, i guess the moral is, whether you're a guy or girl, gay or straight, it's ok to have sex at 13 as long as you're mature enough to do things right, and preferably in love with the person you're doing it with because if not...that's just a little slutty (in my opinion). though i don't really recommend it because most sexual relationships between two people that young turn out horrid...can you guess why? yes...that's it. that's why you need to be mature enough to do things right. trust me, the pull out method fails half the time if you're unexperienced. leave a comment if you became a parent at 14, if not then do anyway.

I'm Nick, the biggest antagonist of the Knights Templar, thank you for reading.
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Jul 13, 2010