It wsa the beginning of the year and i met my friends brother he was 22, he would always try to come sit next to me when i was at her house... she thought it was strange but i quickly tried to cover it up by saying we are just friends when i knew he wanted to be more than jsut tht. one day i suddenly got my first period my friend was joking with me saying now if you lose it u cant get pregnant and she kept joking around saying that i just need bigger boobs because i had fairly small boobs in 7 grade... i knew i had to bring it up around her brother so i walked out the front door to walk home and he was sitting on the chair on the porch. He told me to sit on his lap. so i did. he told me how he heard about me getting my period and that he wanted me to go home and shave tht night i asked him why and he told me to just do it. so i walked home and shaved and then i tookone of my moms thongs because i had a feeling he was going to have sex with me and i wanted to look sexy. the next day at school i asked my friend if i could come over that day and she was like yeah sure! then i said but i have to go home early so fast forward to when i was at her house.we were in her room and i said im gonna go to the bathroom but ofcourse i went to her brothers room instead and told him tht i shaved and i asked why he wanted me too and he said youll seee and he started to kiss me i quickly got up and said i told morgan tht i was in the bathroom i have to go. and he said whatever illl be waiting for you when u go home. so i went to my friends room and told her i had to go. ther ei was at the porch and tim was waiting for me again. he asked me where i wanted to go i said well im going home and he asked me who was at my house and i told him tht no one was at home since my mom had work and my sister was at school geeting high and drunk. so we walked home and as soon as we walked home i went to my room becuase i was as horny as ever and he threw me on the bed. he started to take my vclothes offf and i told him i wasnt ready and he said im sure you are a girl as hot as you has to alway be ready i was about to get up but is topped myself because i knew i would probably want it later tht night when i couldnt get it. i aksed him if we could just do it at night and he could spend the night if he wanted he accepted and kept taking my clothes off. he soon discovered i was wearing a thong and he told me to stand up and to bend down. i did and he took my panties off and he told me to sit on his lap naked ( i still had a bra on) and to kiss him by tht time i was scared but i just did it to get it over with when were done he told me to give him a lap dance ofcourse i had no idea how to so i just took the advicde from the moves i got from my moms striptease dvds i secretly used when she wasnt home. b the time i was done he had a ***** and he started to take his clothes off. i said its not nite time yet and he told me it didnt matter becuase i said not to do "it" till night time i didnt say tht foreplay was included. I jumped at the idea of foreplay. ive always wanted to get eaten out. so i said ok and laid down and opened my legs i was scared horny and excited all at the same time. i closed my eyes and i felt his warm wet tongue on my **** and i started screaming in pleasure he did it and i still hadnt had an ****** but i felt like i was close but it nevver happened and i tried to get him to stop by squriming away but he held me down and i screamed so loud because it felt too good he was too strong for me so i dealt with it. finally some white liquid came out and i had multiple of them at the same time and by tht time it was night. he said so do you want to do it now ur lubricated and its night time so i got on his lap and he put it in and i screamed in pain. he put his hands on my hips and said tht i had a really tight vagina i went up and down and it started to feel good fiinally i got comfortable with it and i started going faster and fster. i got like my 7th ****** after tht and he spent the night and fingered me after we had sex.after tht we still talk. it was like a year ago now im 14 and i dont regret it
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love a girl that **** allot and **** loud... and even more if she can ride like a cowgirl to get there. ha

wow that was hot.....lov to hear more...