Virginity, Huh?

Actually I don't lose it in 13 but in 10 when I felt my stepdad finger in my *****. Each time goming home from school, I have to lie back on the crouch and he will play his fingers in my *****. He do it gently until his **** growing hard. After it, he will lied back and it's came my time to play his **** in my mouth. For about six or seven months after the first time we play each other like that, I could felt that he never gently anymore. I don't felt hurt like the first time he did it, but I could felt how fast his finger come and out my *****. I know, he could do that coz I am not a virgin anymore.

Once time in my 12, one of my cousin ask me to **** with him. He opened his pants and I can see his hard **** just like my stepdad fingers. We never do **** for him too quickly to ********* when I suck his little ****. After that, I never want to **** with him anymore. I think I need a big man. So, when my mother ask me to join with her to serve her special clients, I felt excited. But it never happened for them to **** me. My job only to suck them before they **** my mom. But I enjoyed their finger in my *****.

I often suck and stroke some ***** of my friends, teachers and family members, but I never got their **** in my *****. The lucky guy who get my ***** was my stepdad again. Encouraged by my mom, he **** me with no mercy. I don't get ******, but I feel so proud to have a **** in my *****. Know how better it is in my ***** than a finger. I think I was grow up after that, after lost my "virginity".
NenaAndHubby NenaAndHubby 31-35, F 72 Responses Jun 16, 2011

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I love that he ****** you like that

hottest ever please add me wow!

Oooh that is sooo hot, please would you add me so I may see some pics and then have longer and better conversations

Lucky stepdad

What a hot story ... Pls add me

love to do U 2

You have had quite a life young lady ! Do you get ******* now? Who with ?

That's a wonderful story and I wish I knew you personally.

WOW that's soooooo HOT, please add me.

good story

So beautiful

Wish I could **** you....


hot - please add me would love to see more! x

You had a sex life young. How old are you. I was in love with my cousin when I was 15. We never had sex. I felt I wanted to with her. She aroused me DON

Wow. Liked your story hon.

sexy abuse, hope you got thru it ok

Hey thats so nice to know and i reeally feel like meeting you

Far too early and I hope it wasn't too often.

Wow, how old was your mom at the time? How about your stepdad?

mom was 15 yo when i come out from her ***** ****...

What amazing lives some people live - thank you for sharing

Wow! Want to hear and experience more of your life. Friends please!!

oh lovely lovely ..i would also love to **** your ***** :-)

Mmm! Sexy! Damn!

so hot you enjoyed wild sex in childhood ..mmmmm ,really you make me so hot now.
you are really so hot in bed

Mmmmmh... jealous! :-)

Wow you seemed to have sucked a lot of ****, but were you aloud to ***?

yes, i am. and of course they can ***. it was an honor for me to suck a **** until it ****...

my stepfather was my first as well

tell me more.... inbox me. we can talk and share our experiences...

Very good story.


Whew...that was some ****-hardening story. I can't wait to read more of your stories.