Lost It? Not Exactly.

I didn't lose my virginity. I gave it away quite gratefully, thank you very much!
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Did you get a deposit? And if so how long was the renewal?

I love how witty you are! Yes I got a bunch of deposits but the renewals only lasted as long as camp did.

I suppose that's why they call camp 'camp'. Thanks by the way. I noticed the Sarah Silverman comments. My best friend's older brother co-wrote material with her. Dream job... You're no slouch yourself when it comes to good observations and unique perspective. Funny for sure...

Thank you! We Jews have to have a sense of humor. People have been trying to get rid of us for thousands of years. I like Sarah S., although I have never been a bed-wetter.

Not quite sure if she was either (I mean Sarah rather than her stage persona) - but definitely true about Jewish people. Actually somewhat true for certain cultures like Czechs if Milan kundera is to be believed 'he said writers like Hrabal (who wrote Good Soldier Schweik) and his own satiric writing and that of his compatriots resulted from having been occupied over and over as a country but always managing to retain a love of life and learning how to make fun of oneself is key to that. Self-deprecation being a perfect antidote to oppression (likewise Yiddish theater in the Warsaw Ghetto etc.)

I will Czech it out. Ohhh, what a terrible pun!!!!!

hey it's up there with Camp Camp... all we need now is a bit of concentration and we've slid into pUndermensch hell.

I like you.

Feeling reciprocated. yay... made a friend. Facebook killed that word by the way but I meant it in a genuine way.

Are you like a genius?

Trick question - every idiot likes to think so.

You are so articulate and well-read. You're really smart ... Not just a smart-*** like me.

You don't sound smart-*** at all. you really sound bright. And the articulate probably comes from the well-read which is less some 'God-given' quality than it is time and being interested in something. Funny thing is that people overvalue those qualities like they do beauty as if it lived in isolation from a million contributing factors. As though they were independent ingredients. I mean, often tiny little OCD-related rituals lead people into doing something inadvertently great or meaningless... The reason behind both doesn't have to be significantly deep. Woody Allen is super bright and funny and was sharp as a child... why because he was an intellectual by birth? No; maybe it was his means of meeting girls because that's what worked for him so then he just mastered it. The big picture is often the result of otherwise normal sized eyes, I think - but those eyes by circumstance and sheer luck being driven in a certain direction and then loving to repeat the successful pattern over and over again. A sophisticated version of Pavlovian theory?? Who knows.

How are you? I've missed talking with you? What's new in your life?

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your priceless.........................................smiling............x

*laughing* well, good question. I hate to think how many guys (and a few women) had a hold of it for a while. I think today it's not lost like your car keys, but extinct like moderate Republicans.

"Extinct like moderate Republicans" Priceless. Is that original with you? May I use it? The line that is. But *** to think of it when did you lose your aural virginity?

Many years ago.

Sarah, sorry to disappoint you (kidding), but believe or not I consider myself a moderate Republican. I don't admit to it very often. Many of my friends (many who are Jews and who used to be Democrats), are now extremely conservative and call me a liberal-which annoys me greatly. Rather than constantly argue points of view with them, I pick and choose my battles carefully.

I don't argue politics ... I don't want to alienate anyone who might be fun on a date.

I only do it with male buddies. I learned long ago not argue with women.

You are sooo smart!

Thank you!

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well regardless.. who has it now?