Amateur Love

He was a good friend of mine. Handsome, smart, sexy and rugged for a 14 year old. I actually wanted him so badly and he wanted me too.
So when we were at a pool party of a old friend of mine, I decided that I was ready for him. I wor my skimpiest flattering bikini and let my hair loose. I felt sexy and cool watching all the guys ogle over me.
I was thirsty for some coke so I went into the empty kitchen, bending down in the cooler and hiding my face away from the door.
I felt a hand grip one of my buttcheeks and I leap up, watching him look at me with a smirk.
I sigh and lecture him before giving him a playful but flirty punch. He grab my wrist and pull me towards him and kissed me.
He told me how f***ing hot I was in that bikini and how he wanted to f*** me and make me c**. I didn't say nothing because I never heard so many dirty words in real life.
He pulled me into the closet and quickly took off my bra and panties as I grind my nake body against his like they do in ****.
He got a erection and pushed it inside of me. I cried out but quickly shut up as I realized that we wer at a party.
He started go faster and I realized that he wasn't. Ew at this. He was a master in quick fast strokes that made me *** so hard that when we were done my legs were numb.
I am friends with him and he always reminded me of my first time. He such a loser but he's my loser and I love him.
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What's funny is you were at a pool party and you were wearing a bikini and he took off your bra and panties.

Great story, the end was perfect. "He such a loser but he's my loser and I love him."

sexy, hot, wild desire I had experience similar but neither of us had crush on each other but so happened accidently we came closer felt the warmth of each other lust ignited and not wanting to do but my **** slipped inside the wet warm sloppy ***** of hers and lost to each other ending into a wild rough unexperienced sex