My Neighbour

Once, before I moved to a new location, couple of years ago, I had a really good looking neighbor who lived on the same floor as I did. We knew each other since we were really little. She was about 1 year younger than me. I was 16 then and she was 15.
She had a dog and one summer day rain came all of the sudden while I was returning home just as I entered my building, I heard her "hold the door plz" and she was running with her dog in her hands, all wet from the rain.
AS we reached our floor she asked me if I could hold her dog in front of her door so she can get a tower to dry him a bit and so I did. She returned with a tower and even thou she had dark shirt I could see through her shirt that she has no bra, and her nipples were hard. She asked me to come in for a drink as a thanks for help, and I agreed..

While inside, she started to talk about her computer not working properly... She knew I was gonna study computing science and I play computer a lot so she asked me if I could check it out. And we went to her room and I sat in front of the computer and started to try fixing the problem. While doing so, she started to change behind me, and as I noticed, I turned around and saw her only in panties and shirt. I was so hard and my heart started to burst... she was so hot...even now I get all hard just thinking about her...
"what are you looking at?" she asked and smiled. I think she noticed my reaction. I replyed that she look really good and stood up from the chair and moved towards her...
Next thing I remember is I somehow kissed her and she replyed.. that was so awesome... I noticed her shirt is still wet so I said that and she just took her shirt off, just standing there ... I removed my shirt too and again we started kissing, clumsly removing our clothes..
I asked her if she has any condoms, she said her brother has in his room, and went to take some.. I remember even now her tight wet hairy ***** as I ate it... it was so delicious her voice as she moaned...It was a clumsy first sex but I will never forget it...
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Awesome! I'm 15 right now and I hope I can meet a girl like that soon ^_^