"I want to". I went down on him again and just kept sucking his ****. The veins were even hard. I loved his ****. 8 inch and Shaved. I spat on his **** one last time because he liked it. I was licking all over getting every inch of his ****. I put my mouth on the tip and my tongue was circling around the head. I go all the way down giving him deep throat and he's squeezing his blanket under him. That got me even more turned on. I was going up and down and I felt his **** in my throat it was so good. I stopped and kissed the the rest of his **** and lastly kissed the tip. While I was kissing the tip he was chanting "Yes...Thats goood.. Keep doing that.." I stopped and Whispered in his ear. "I want you to **** me now" i felt in charge and it felt good. He takes out a condom and asked me if i cant put it on. He grabs some lube. Putting on the condom i was thinking "Losing your virginity doesn't have to be with the person you loved for a long time. You can lose it in a Fun, One night stand kinda way." He held my head with both hands on my cheecks and stated at me. All I can think about was his Muscles the abs and the Nice fresh cut he had. "Turn around on your stomach" he said. I have a Nice round butt and a skinny my stomach. I guess thats what he loved about my body. "Your *** is really nice" he said. We were in doggy position and i arched my back a little. He asked "You ready?" I grab his **** and stuck in me myself. He Pushed me away softly and he said "I need to finger you first." I felt kinda embarrassed and i turn around and kiss him. I respond "Do what you have to do baby". He responded with a smile and i go back to my position. The way i felt his thighs against my butt and one hand on my back it was like unexplainable. I felt his index finger in already. I ignored the pain that was a 5/10. His finger was going in and out. It felt Weird but I liked it. He was heavy breathing and said "I cant take it" He stuck the tip in and i moaned really loud. I felt his 8 inch going inside me very slow and it felt amazing. He made a loud groan and as he was going in and out He slapped my *** and i loved what he was doing. He falls on my back and were against each other like sandwiches. His warm body against mine my **** wanted to explode. I stilled smelled the dove soap he used while he showered. He whispered into my ear "This is what I was waiting for". I pushed him off of me and pushed him to his back. he smiled and his eyes wide i was feeling on his abs and squeezed his muscle i go on too of him and stick his **** into my ***. I knew what I was doing i sat on him "i love the way your *** is big". I imagined what if i didn't have a big butt. But I continued to go back to what we were doing. I ride him and kissed him at the same time he moaned and moaned which I loved hearing. I rode him for a good 5 minutes. He was stroking my **** and it felt good. I was squatting on his **** and he out more lube. He held my waist and he was doing the work now. He was going up and down in my *** i watched my *** make a ripple "It feels so good !" I say out loud. "You want me to *** in your mouth ?" "Yes.. Yes." I responded. I get off and go on my back. He lifted both of my legs and i stuck hai **** in my hole. We both moan at the same time. I can see the sweat going down his body. His face expressions were just so sexy. My legs were wrapped around his head. (Thats my favorite position) he was ******* me so hard i think he was about to ***. I seen his stomach going up and down really fast. He had his mouth open and eyes closed. I was holding his arms and he was saying "I'm bout to... I'm bout to ***." His **** came right out of my *** and he slipped off the condom i rose up and put my mouth on his ****. I'm sucking and sucking and sucking as i stroke. Then he ***** my face and I began to deep throat he made the loudest moan and I thought his neighbors would hear. I felt the warm *** shooting in my mouth and it was amazing i kept stroking and he was moaning non stop. He was cunning for so long my mouth was filled he looks down and whispered "Swallow" i swallowed his warm *** and i smile. I say "Thank you" he was still hard so i cleaned off the *** off his **** and some were on my lips he lays back down and my head on his chest. "This will be our secret" i answer back with a kiss. "You didn't ***" he said So began to stroke and came in 5 minutes i did a *** shot and it hit both of us i moan loud and my body jerked. Me ******* was the most amazing thing. We look at each other and licked our faces off. It was weird for me but i didn't mind. We lay on his bed smelling like sex. He walks out and comes back and kisses my fore head. I lay in his bed and sleep. I never forgot that day because it was just a week ago. We do it on Fridays and he turns 17 September 1st. So I'll have his present ready.
22-25, M
Aug 18, 2014