I Lost My Wife Suddenly

Around seven weeks ago i went to visit my elderly parents with my wife to help throw out a lot of rubbish for them.my wife complained of back ache which turned to chest pain, i took her to hospital , on the way her pain worsened, to cut the story short she died in casualty in considerable pain.
I felt completely lost, numb,terrified & above all alone.
I was useless at anything in the home, could not cook, had no idea about our financial affairs. my family rallied round & i have learned to cook, clean & wash however i still feel as if i have had my insides ripped out, i feel empty & worthless with no future & my ambitions & dreams have been shattered, i just hate it when people say stuff like "time is a great healer" "you will get through this" & other simialar stuff. i feel desperately lonely at night & miss my lovely wife so much, when i see a picture of her it feels like someone has hit me in the gut with a cricket bat, i have had to hide all her photos & just cannot stand this pain for much longer.
alawil alawil
56-60, M
1 Response May 24, 2012

I'm so sorry for your irreparable loss. I'm also sorry for the hurtful comments by ignorant well-intentioned friends and family. May you find strength and comfort, and many happy days ahead.