I Lost Her After 27 Years And They Were Not Bad Years.

My wife of 27 years left me on June 19th. She said in an email that I am not in her heart anymore. Its been a tough year because we are both out of work but I always tried to keep up. She took only a few things and is staying with her sister and her sister's 3 kids. No she isn't married. My daughter just got married in June she is 27 and my 25 year old son lives with me. He's hurting seeing me suffer, although I'm getting better at dealing with it. In fact that why i am here posting. To help me cope. I have seen her only twice since she left. The last time was July 15th. I was emailing and texting her but made the decision to end all contact with her at the beginning of the week so we'll see if that does anything.My 27 year old daughter that just got married isn't talking to her either for some reason. I even asked her to call her mother and she refused. She is 54 years old and someone mentioned menopause, but I don't really know. Well that is my story. Where do I go from here? How do I cope? I've mentioned seeing a councilor and she refused that idea. Her mail still comes here too. So I just don't know.
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keep your head up = if you would like to chat send me an email njbuddy@hotmail.com