The Perfect Guy And The Girl Who Didnt Deserve Him.

I had everything i could ask for, a boyfriend who would absolutly do anything in the world for me. A guy who would give me his coat when i was cold, even let me hold the remote control. Some how i lost my self in the relationship with the wonderful guy.

His name is Matt, He came from a comfortable but loveable family, was well respected around town, and would give the shirt off his back to a complete stranger if he could. When i began to talk to this adorable guy i was already dating another guy. The relationship that i was in was a bad one, the guy tried to control me and the whole thing just began to fall apart.One day Matthew had texted me amd asked if i was intrested in seein a movie with him. I was excited and actually surprised he had asked becasue i was still in a realtionship and i didnt know if he was counting it as a friend date or more.
He came and picked me up from my house and nervously and a quiet car ride to the movie theater we went. We got into the movie theater and picked out our seats.As the movie went on i put my arm on the chair rest and at almost the same time so had he.We both sat there with our arms touching each other.I got nervous at a part in the movie and didnt think about where i was and with who and accidently tried to hold his hand. i quickly moved it away hoping he just thought i moved it on accident. a few minutes later matt surprised me by grabbin my hand and holding it through the rest of the movie.
The movie ended and we just sat in his car talking shyly towards one another and then as we started to get a little more comforttbale we ended up a little closer to one an other. We sat there talking for over an hour and then i looked at him and he came in for the kiss. I had no idea what to do but then i couldnt help my self and i wanted to kiss him more. The date ended and i went home confused beyound.
The next afternoon i decided it was time to break up with my boyfriend.It was rocky at first but after a couple weeks of it cooling down i started to contiune seeing matt. Eventually He asked me Homecoming and then eventually asked me out and wanted us to be officaial.Our relationship was very good for the first 2 months.But then my ex started texting and callin me. He wanted to get to gether and stay friends and i agreed. Winter came around and matt and i were having obvious problems that close people to us could see. We didnt have a strong sex life because i wasnt a virgin and he was and i wanted to have sex and he waited for a while but then the sex life was good but for some reason i guess it wasnt enough.
My ex got a hold of me one day and he told me he wanted me to come over so we could catch up and so after work i went over to see him.When i got to his apartment i drew a blank and would forget about my boyfreind that never yelled at me and treated me like royalty.That Day i lost myself and forgot about the one person who cared and loved me the most. That day i cheated on boyfriend was not thelast incounter with the ex, I Was having a affair with the ex for about a month. Eventually i was told to make a choice,either be with him or matt. I loved Matt but somewhere in my heart i blocked out all the nice and beautiful things he did for me and so 3 days after valentines day i broke up with matt. When matt and i broke up we agreed to stay friends.

I stopped having a affair with ex and i felt free to figure out my life. I still loved matt but a part of me was still just in it for the sex life. I began dating around and seein some guys. Eventually i was asked to go to prom with a old friend of mine i was seeing and i accepted. I figured no one was gonna ask beacuse i never hung out with kids from my school but matt so i said yes.unfourtunatly i found out matt was going to ask me to go with him and i began to think about my life a little bit more seriously.
I ended up going to prom with kyle the guy who asked first. And matt decided to ask another girl who was a couple years younger.I went to prom with my date and before the dance the night before i madeout with matt. The only thing on my mind was that kiss and i started to relize i only wanted matt. Unfourtunatly it wasnt that easy to drop everythin and be with him. Kyle my date asked me out 5 days before prom, i accepted and said yes becasuee i did not want it to be weird at senior prom. So i cheated on Kyle the night before the dance and couldnt stop thinkin about matt.I got to slow dance with matt, and he told me how beautiful i was and i wispered in his ear that i wished that i would have been his date all along. He smiled but in a differnt kind of way and agreed that he would have loved to be my date.Right after the song matt left me to go and be with his date. I was furious and couldnt do anything about it. I was diganosed with anxiety because i would have black out spells when i would become stressed, so during a song on the dance floor i nearly collasped. My date tried to help but didnt know much, matt saw me fall but didnt come to see me. But then i looked up and there he was and he wrapped his arms around me and asked if i was ok. I began to tear up saying no , adn before i could tell him why and that i wanted to be with him he had to go for being on the prom court. That night he texted me after the dance and i spent the night with my date. I had a dream about matt because he was the only thing on my mind. SO i came to a conclusion he was the one. He cared for me he knew if i wasnt ok and he loved me. I broke up with kyle at 6 in the morning when i woke up drove 30 minutes back to my house and called matt and cried when i found out matt started to move on and he began likeing his date,alot. I cried the whole way home having anxiety attacks and black outs i contiuned to call matt. I called him wanting to see him and i told him no one was home and he told me he was at a friends. I was upset because i knew that was it i ruined the best thing in my life over sex which is not as important as love and loalty.
Matt Came over and told me he didnt know what to do and he didnt want to hurt his prom dates feelings becasue the night of the dance he kissed her.I cried and cried he held me in his arms and i felt safe. Eventually he calmed me down and i wanted to be with him so bad and he wanted me to but he was in a weird situation. We ended up making love, for the first time in months.He told me he loved me and that he would choose me.

Well the first day back to school after the long weekend word got out about him adn her and there was rumars going around that they were going to date.He was so perfect and good with me untill she texted him and he changed his mind. During 5th hour i get a horrible text fromhim saying sorry but he is going to tell her how he feels about her and that he likes her. He was in my 6th hour so after he told her he liked her he came and sat by me in class. I had ben cryin since the middle of 5th hour and my make up was all messed up but i didnt care i wasnt able to bc i just kept on thinkgin about how i messed up when i lost my self along the way.He told me he told her and that she said she liekd him to. we tried to work it out in class but teacher was tellin us to stop talking. about 10 minutes later as i started to learn how to deal with him not being with me, he gets a text from her. The message says that she doesnt like him and only has friend feelings towards him. I tried to be supportive and said im sorry she doesntfeel the same. i looked at his face and saw a tear roll down his face. He was so upset and couldnt handle the fact that he was denied. I tried to stay strong and possitve for him. After class liek he always did he drove me and him to the athletic gym so he could get ready for baseball and i could get ready for track practice.

We sat in the car and he told me he was sorry for leading me on and that he was sorry for confusing me when he chse me and then changed his mind. I said its ok and that i was sorry for not being so supportive of his desiciions like he was with me.We made up and i was almost out of his truck untill he grabbed my arm and kissed me. Then he walked out and so did i. I asked why did he do that and he did not have time to say a word bc he had to get ready for the game. after my track practice i went to his game and watched him and he saw me and smiled. He knew i wasnt the biggest fan of baseball adn i could tell he appricated it. I waited for him to get out of the locker room when the game finsihed because he asked me to. We sat in my car and he told me how sorry he was and said i want to be with you but i want to take it slow and not become a realtionship now bc i dont want to hurt her, and i said i was fine with it.About 2 weeks later he asked me out.
Ever since the mess of me runining the relationship in the first place i never thought we would be together again because of how bad i ****** things up. But happily for me we have ben dating for 8 months now including the first time we dated and we are still going strong. But the importance about that time in my life is that you shouldnt just loose your self in temptation.You know what is right and wrong and taking the wrong way can mess up more in your life then you think.
LittleBarbie LittleBarbie
Jul 11, 2010