I Lost Control Of My Life.....

I really don"t know when I Lost control of my Life. "Whats" worse is my Husband trying to help "But" all he does is tell me you have alot to look foward... Or he says you will get through this..."But"...Im so tired of getting through things. I really don"t think I have it in me anymore."What"s worse is I havent always been like this..."But" I am now and I can:t make it stop. The last few days I have been extremely distant and truley comtemplating on giving up...and just getting the task at hand done. "But" I"ll be the first to admit I am scared. "But" like I said I have nomore control. Im left in this situation with what seems like absoutely no more hope. I can"t keep my focus on anything because this empty draing feeling just takes over...Anto815 
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You are describing just me!!! I lost control of my life as well. I believed everything what my husband said me, but now, I am the loser and my hands are tied... "You have alot to look foward" that's what I listened too however in the end I have nothing... <br />
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I am going to call my GP today to get some antidepressant because I CAN NOT handle life like this anymore.... <br />
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I have never felt that much useless, worthless, small in my life... Like yourself, can't focus anything, can't read, watch something or do my puzzles...<br />
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So my friend, you are not alone, if you want to talk more about it, just drop me a line. <br />
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Take care

I just would like to say thanks for sharing and that i hope that things are going a bit better with you. Things are pretty much the same with me but all i can do is take it day by day.

I would advise you to call your local mental health center if you continue to feel like this or you even start feeling worse. There is help out there.... Don't give in to the urge to take your life, if you are contemplating that. Call 911 or a suicide help line. I wish you peace....

Thanks for caring I live for my daughter she is my everything no matter how bad it gets she always reminds me that life is worth living..

saving this - thx

I have been where you are, and I know only toooooo well how you may feel like giving up. May I share what has helped me in the hope that it may ease your pain. I was in the hospital beside my son ( he was 4 yrs old and very sick) I took a walk around the children's ward to chat to some of the children whilst my son was sleeping. By the time I got to the cancer section, I saw such pain yet bravery of the faces of these young souls. I tried to distract these kids with a joke or some toys , but really they taught me so much.... my pain actually took on a new perspective as I saw life through their eyes.<br />
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I now regularly volunteer at the local hospital, kids ward, to give the parents some time out to regroup their emotions. It really grounds me!

Wow..Thanks so much for your words what you are doing is wonderful you must have a really big heart.. Hope to hear from you soon..

Sbs@ur comment helps me somehow too..thanku.<br />
Anto815@i wish u best n send u many hugs

Thank you also....i enjoy helping others as much as i can..Hope to hear from you soon.