Becoming A Mommy And A Wife

When I got married 15 years ago..I thought my life was perfect..I had a 2 year old daughter that had a new daddy that loved her very much! We had a house..we had everything we needed..I got pregnant had my son..13 months later I had my other was still great!! But through the years of being a stay home mom and wife..I really forgot who I really was..I didn't realize this until it was to late! It seemed I loved my family, but I was sad and tired and grumpy all the time! For a while, I was even on anti-depressant..made me feel I took myself off of them! Continued with my went to school..I got a job and things got a little better..but still I wasn't happy! Finally after 14 years..I had an experience that totally changed my life!! That was 10 months ago..I have now found the real me again and I am happier and my kids feel like they have a new mom now!! I, now, realize can very much loose yourself before you realize what is happening!!
theheartofmemphis theheartofmemphis
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2 Responses Aug 15, 2011

I guess i did not realize it was that recent! I am so happy we met! You have been an inspiration to me!

I am very happy we met too!! You have made my life much happier!! Thank you babe!!

Nice post ..yes life in general, family, taking care of your kids, and work can get one down. So nice to know there has been a change in your life , that makes you happier. What was the event that changed for you..? let us in on it ..or ..not ..?

if you read my first post on EP you will know!! I have a few stories on here about is the reason I found EP!!