Becoming A Mommy And A Wife

When I got married 15 years ago..I thought my life was perfect..I had a 2 year old daughter that had a new daddy that loved her very much! We had a house..we had everything we needed..I got pregnant had my son..13 months later I had my other was still great!! But through the years of being a stay home mom and wife..I really forgot who I really was..I didn't realize this until it was to late! It seemed I loved my family, but I was sad and tired and grumpy all the time! For a while, I was even on anti-depressant..made me feel I took myself off of them! Continued with my went to school..I got a job and things got a little better..but still I wasn't happy! Finally after 14 years..I had an experience that totally changed my life!! That was 10 months ago..I have now found the real me again and I am happier and my kids feel like they have a new mom now!! I, now, realize can very much loose yourself before you realize what is happening!!
theheartofmemphis theheartofmemphis
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1 Response Aug 15, 2011

I guess i did not realize it was that recent! I am so happy we met! You have been an inspiration to me!

I am very happy we met too!! You have made my life much happier!! Thank you babe!!