Life Is A Labyrinth

Have you ever felt losing yourself along the peak of success? Have you ever felt so unhappy in spite of all the blessings showered upon you? Well, I am.

I have been so aimless for some time. I don't know the main reason but depression might be a contributing factor.  I am depressed because no one really appreciates me. I know I am introvert but could someone at least understand me and be there for me all the time?? I guess none. I am intelligent enough to be included in the list of the "nerdest" people in my school. People would get to know you, compliments you and then forget you. I want a real friend. I want a companion, confidant, an alter ego. People nowadays are like "polyvinylchlorides". They are like reflective surface that do whatever you want to see.  
I am aimless because I know that even if I had a great accomplishment in my life, I had no one to share it with. Even my family don't appreciate me due to the fact that my sibling is far way better than me. And how am I going to solve that? I think I just have to live with it. My life is too complicated that sometimes i think escaping is better than solving them. I know I will not solve them, but at least I can temporarily forget them.  But that was not the real me, I have to face them. 
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4 Responses Nov 1, 2011

THE LAST PARAGRAPH WAS SO TRUE TO ME! I've added u bcoz we're soo alike.

Although I'm not someone who u can call a 'nerd' but I am intelligent just stubborn and lazy. :)

thank you for appreciating my writings. i would love to help you in case you need someone to talk to :)

I am in the same boat trying to find shore..I hope I can get out of this, but it is very hard I hope I can find someone that I can relate to and start over with

I wish you would have been my friend.. mail me at

I'm real. Open, honest, loyal, extremely caring and I have a huge loving heart. I'm blessed and sometimes I feel alone to. My only hope is my faith which keeps me humble and happy everyday. Laughter keep me healthy and very close to family. I don't judge and I think you might want to pray a little until you find or receive exactly what makes you smile everyday. Dig Deep. ;)

I'm in the same boat as everyone here and would love to be ur friend. I'm 'Christian'. I say that but I don't feel any 'holy' auras. Even if I pray, I feel like I'm talking to nobody. And may I ask, when I'm talking to myself, does it mean that I'm also talking to God?