Where Did It All Go Wrong?

When I was a kid, I was happy, achieving, people pleasing, confident and genuine.
I wanted to be a vet, I loved to be happy and to make other people happy, I loved my family, thought the best of everyone and was kind, never uttering a bad word about anything or anyone.
But now as I grow up I am a horrible horrible person! I lie, I swear, I think bad thoughts about people, I'm non achieving, goalless, nasty, spiteful, rude, selfish, sneaky, vindictive and mood changing.
I have lied to people about who I am just to have sex and I have led them on.
Yesterday I had a go at my Aunt, which I love to pieces, what's happening to me? I want the carefree little girl that used to be me back, not this horrid troll of a person that I am today.
Optimistic96 Optimistic96
18-21, F
1 Response Apr 6, 2012

It is never too late to change. In your youth you found the world a very nice place that you felt loved and secure. Then something or things happened to you or you might figured out a few things you never understood before. Welcome to growing up some time it can be rough. The world is not a happy perfect place nor it is is a rotten evil place . You have to face up to life's short commings and try to grow and enjoy life despite the challenges around you. Truth is you have plenty to time to take control and be kind to those who you trust and love. I wish you the best