I have seem to have lost my way too. It feels differnt at times. I use to have a lot of friends, I don't know if it is that I am older or having a bad dreams. I love the Lord and am active in church and always helping others. Some times it seems that other people just don't care. My family is kinda cold, and my close friends are not nice to me at all. Something is wrong and no one is telling me anything. Some times I thank that God is alouding this to happen, so I will look to him for answers. It like I am the only one on earth. I know the devil is a lier, and what he takes he will have to give it back. No matter what happens I will still love Jesus and serve God and smile to make others happy even for a day.
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Interesting reading your post...I feel like that sometimes too...that I am the only one on Earth, I also used to have a lot of friends but because of family illnesses and problems I have been very depressed for almost 2 1/2 years I just cut everyone off...I got tired of them telling me that I could just change my mind and not be depressed anymore...I don't think they really could understand what I was feeling and going family is not supportie and they are all really actually struggling with their own issues, I am single and my own son seems even too busy to spend time with me or call...I stopped calling him because It seemd like he could care less...thats why I am online in a depression forum on the internet...:) ....Because I have no one to talk to and I know I need to change, I need to go out and make new friends and stop isolating myself...maybe you do too?