Maybe I Can Fix It

It looked like just a picture, a movie a play but just as I moved closer I got caught and delayed. No turning back my heart had been engraved, no more happy child i was gone before they had say. Their words blown through my eardrums, the scarring has been done- how do you stop the drum? Don't tell me it gets better, I have heard that so many times but look Im still hear pretending not to cry. My mother thought this change was best and really I just need a rest- I have moved about 8 hours away from the people who have made me this way and yet why do i feel like im still in that loose sway. Theres no changing my past and that makes it hard to look forward, lets press stop and not record. Maybe I could fix it, well who am I kidding? I tried the therapy and Ii left in despair yet I want to believe I could be better than myself...Maybe..I can fix it
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18-21, F
1 Response Dec 3, 2012

You can, if you keep going