..and I Found Myself Dead ....

"i " i'm not sure who i am . i'm not sure what i want . where i am . in what i believe . my life looks like one big lie .
the sun is still shinning the butterflies still there .it's not really an ugly life i find it pretty somehow my friend and family still here around me everything seems so perfect .... everything but me ..
i lost myself i don't remember when, where, how . they say look for yourself and u will find it but every time i look inside me i get confused i loose me more more into a sea of questions marks . the picture is not clear i can't see it . i find no past no present no future no dreams no feelings nothing ..an empty space ...i just breath for the sake of breathing every time i get to know " me " more i prove to myself that i'm not living .......
i lost myslef somewhere along the way and i found it dead
eyesmile eyesmile
Jan 6, 2013