Is there any right way to start a journal?
Do I introduce myself?
Some would call me the mellow stoner; others know
me as an up-beat felon who talks too much and repeatedly
screws everything up. I simply
will refer to myself as "Fang,"
for I fell this name accurately
depicts my thoughts, dreams, and ambitions.
(Also because this name belongs to one of my
favorite characters in James Patterson's series, "Maximum Pride.")
"I am somewhere between a realist and a dreamer."
Over these recent months decisions
have been made leading to my imminent sentencing.
A DUI along with the fact
that I already reside on
State Probation as a
" Youthful Offender," make for
quite the lethal combination.
Growing-up for some unexplainable
reason was very difficult for
"Fang." People come and go in his life
and some form of heartache is just but around the bend,
waiting; stalking him. He was at many points in his life
religious, however, always questioning "God's" judge
of his futile destiny. Like today for instance, were he
destined to lie in bed with influenza he would have taken
no regard, but deep-down he inevitably knew he were destined to be more.
I guess here would be a good place to begin with the avid tales of a young-man's imagination
and tales of a foreign fantasy so detailed Fang felt it were his REAL home.

- Bandon Vines

Fang3673 Fang3673
18-21, M
1 Response Jan 6, 2013

You are too young with too many paths open to you to be truly lost yet. And any "youthful offender" issues will mean less and less with the passage of time as you grow into the man you are becoming. You obviously know God has a plan for you so be still and listen. And Fang, your position between a realist and a dreamer is the best place to be. Hang on to hope.