I Can't Help But Think, Why Me?

As I was writing my experiences, and reading my own stories that I've posted here.
I can't help but wonder-WHY ME?
It seems like there's always something.
Rape, Insanity, Suicide, depression, being heartbroken.

I can't even believe what has happened to me.
So much, and I'm only 18.
Why me?
Can't I PLEASE write something positive?
Can't I have a YEAR without something going wrong?
If there is a God.
Please, no more.
I've gone through enough.
Enough to make a SERIES of autobiographies.
I'm Done.
I've had enough.

I'd just like to have a good day.
A peaceful time where I can just...

Why me...?
MockingMay MockingMay
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 8, 2013

Something is ALWAYS going to go wrong; it's just the way it is unfortunately. What helped me build more positive experiences in my life was to completely cut myself off from everything that was affecting me negatively (annoying co-workers, friends that kinda sucked) and immersed myself in things that I love. I started singing lessons and bought a drum kit and a piano and spend a lot of time working on music, along with my other hobbies.
Good things don't just HAPPEN, you have to create the opportunity for positive experiences :)

And stay away from boys! You're only 18, follow your passions and have an adventure! Find ways to be happy in every way you can :)

Thank you for this, I was in quite the mood writing this story, and I felt terrible, sitting alone in my room hoping for something good to happen.
You're message kind of snapped me back into reality in a way-reminded me that I can't just sit in my room and do nothing, and expect my life to get instantly better.
Thank you very much.

No problem - we've all been in the same place as you! Glad I could be of assistance :D