I Realize

You know i remeber going through high school, college and seeing, talking to the college grads who worked the register at Stop and Shop, CVS etc... and thinking to myself "Thats pretty sad, here you are a college graduate and you are working the same job you had/could of had in High school, why did you go to college in the first place"- Of course I never said that directly to them and if my mind that would never ever be me! No i was going to be one of those grads who get that entry level job and would not settle for anything.

Then I graduated and real life hits... and i realize that in most cases it is not the college grads fault, its not a lack of work ethic, professional hunger etc... They want the "real job", the entry level job, the starting position, they do not want to work this suckatastic minimum wage thing but the entry level stuff is not there or the competition to get the entry level is so intense. They don't want to work the "suck" but because it is better than sitting around and moping at home they have no choice.

I have come to realize it is just the way our world is right now. I don't know why exactly, maybe too many college graduates, terrible economy etc... but it is just the way the world is. I stopped trying to rationalize it, to make sense of it. I just accept it, apply for the "lower stuff" and deal with it and that is what many have to do, have done. Yes it sucks I know it sucks but its life
hereweare99 hereweare99
22-25, M
Jan 15, 2013