Every Tear We Cry Has A Reason

Well last night I started crying in my sleep, maybe cause what I was dreaming about. Maybe it's stress. I miss home. Sometimes when I am crying my self to sleep, my pillow get's really wet. Like I have so many reasons to cry for. Just all the things in my life that happen. the things that went wrong. The things that hurt me. I thought my emotions were turned off, yet my humanity seems to fight it's way back into me. I should've said no for moving here, I should've never left. When I left to leave foster care, I needed a place to go. I only had one option. And all my friends and family where left behind, their spirit is with me in my heart, but I miss them. I am broken, worn down, yet I put on a smile to fool people. I have so much anger inside me, so much pain and sadness.
I will keep you forever. My love. My soul is crushed, my future is looking bright, but the past haunts me, thinking what could of been? Or wondering how my life got so messed up. Just I think it's my parents fault for messing up our family. Some day I'll get it back. Some day we will be a family. Also last night. I decided to open the window to let the cold in. So I did. I was thinking maybe the cold could cover me, although I was wrap-up in a blanket.
Brandon15shawana Brandon15shawana
18-21, M
Jan 19, 2013