I have not been on here for a while but I have come back as I feel that you are some of the best people to talk to as there are no judgements and you tell it how it is so here we go.

From the age of about 12 I have been a compulsive lier. Then I would only use it to fit in to certain social situations and they were only white lies such as 'Oh yeh I have seen that movie' or 'yeh i have been there' ect. I think most people can relate to that as most people have said this to avoid embarrassment. But the problem that I have now I am 23 and I cant seem to stop and its not just little things any more I have told people (family mostly) that I am currently employed when I am not just to keep up apparence's to make people think that every thing is ok when it is not. I then find my self beliving the lies that I have construted as a sort of safety blanket from the truth that I can hide behind. And beacuse of this once the truth comes out I find it really hard to deal with due to the fact that I am living in a false reality. I have made this my coping mechanism for when things go wrong I just cover them up and make everything seem like its fine. When really there is a massive war going on inside my head, and I feel that I can't let anyone in beacuse they will think less of me because I lied in the first place. So basically I would like some advice about how I could maybe find other ways of coping with bad situations instead of just covering them up.
AlexUK23 AlexUK23
18-21, M
Aug 19, 2014