I am tired of my relationship with my husband and yet there is no end in sight ....:(
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Start ignoring him and live only for kids. Let him do what he wants. I am sure he would notice.One day he would love you as he used to do . Lot of prayers for you . I can understand your feelings very well

There wasnt any love in this marraige ever so i dont want or need his love anyways

naked him n chase him away ....


Not funny

I am not laughing at the funniness i am amused at the impossibility of that :@

Which part?

Lets go dissecting .....@@ not !!!

I see


Glad you can smile about it. I cannot.

Stiff facial muscles ??? I thought so too ;)

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Isnt happiness and love of the two people in the relationship the key and important factors? If you simply arent happy in the relationship anymore, then the only way to become happy is to make change. That doesnt mean a divorce so rashly. Just communicate and try work out your issues in the relationship of why you feel the way you do, and see what can be done to change those things. Or marriage counselling, even a small break to freshen everything up or try new things and make an effort. Remember the reasons why you married the man you love and re light that spark in your heart, do more things for each other like when you where first trying to win each others hearts. Maybe find more time for each other, go out for a nice dinner more often.
If worst comes to worst and you try a lot of things and you simply arent happy, then divorce is always an option but if its a person you love then you shouldn't give up easily, even if you feel unhappy in the relationship right now.
Hope this helps :)

Spot on dude

Ohhh someone else spoke your mind too bad YOU couldnt !!!!

Why dont you start an advice service online 😏

Just take some of your own too!

I dont go advising people pages long suggestion !!! :@

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Ok - shoot him, poison him, divorce him. Just do something "positive"


Why the sad face?

Why not !!!

You might need some cuddling

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