I Lost My Parents When I Was 13. Now I'm About To Be 20.

I've been thinking about a lot of things lately.

Mostly my parents who passed away 6 years ago . . .

I wonder what type of person would I be if they were still alive and how my life would be like. It wasn't the easiest lifestyle with my parents. They were major alcoholics and every penny they had was spent feeding their BAC levels. Meanwhile my siblings and I,consisting of my younger sister Alicia and my older brother Matt, did not have much of anything but each others company and our studies. Lack of food made my sister and I appear like skeletons, even prolonging the time of us becoming 'women'. I remember not really having that much of a selection when it came down to food. We had milk, peanut butter, butter, bread, and hot dogs. Yes, very nutritious diet indeed.
My father was the one who brought the money home every week, but my mother managed to spend it on some groceries and liquor.
The repulsive smell of spiced rum and beer was enough to make my eyes water. Silently, I just looked on as my parents slowly began to decay from the inside out. Heart attacks became a sudden happening amongst my other, whose heart valve was failing and need operation, but of course, our financial situation closed any doors open with those who could perform the surgery. Alas, my father had his own list of problems: Heart attacks, sawed off thumb, chronic smoker's cough, high blood pressure and digestive problems. I can not tell you how many times my father came home with numerous explanations for his injuries at work. the saw slid off the wood, the tractor was still on when I pulled a wire , etc.

This is from MEMORY, it happened six years ago btw, so I might've left things out, for christ sakes.

Alas, this was not the end of our misfortune, since punishment was looming near. . .
It was Midnight on a May morning, everyone was asleep, not even the cat stirred. "Sharon, Sharon get up! We have to get outta here!" my brother Matt exclaimed. I awoke to blazing smoke in my face as I began to sock in what was taking place: the house was on fire. I scrambled from the love seat and ran upstairs trying to find my sister. She sprints pass me with the look of someone who saw the Devil. "Mom! Mom wake up!" I screamed on the top of my lungs, my mother's only response was, "huh..?" I was inhaling pitch black smoke until I couldn't see my mother's bedroom doorway and sprinted downstairs to flee the danger. I ran outside to only meet my brother who runs past me to go back inside who left Alicia out in the street. "MATT! MATT COME BACKK!" Alica wailed as my brother's image dissolved into the flames. I stood there in shock, not believing what was going on. "Ahhh!" My brother rushes out of the house, with what appeared to be his burnt skin hanging off of him, "Water. please anyone with water, please!" Matt cried out in pain that I could not imagine. I suddenly am pulled away from my brother up the hill away from the blaze, my sister right ahead me. "Come one it's not safe here," a neighbor of ours said as he pulled us to his apartment. "Matt, Matt where are you?!" Alicia exclaimed as we frantically tried to leave, which was to no avail. I still could not comprehend what I just experienced, the images vividly going through my mind nonstop, like a video put on fast forward. Sometime after that I awoke to the worst news of my life, "You're parents did not make it, I am sorry."
This day changed my life forever. But many ask me one question: Have you ever wished that it never happened? My answer? Of course in many ways do I wish it hadn't happened, but I realize that I wouldn't be where I am, I wouldn't have met the friends of a lifetime, seen many beautiful places and experiences had it not been for that faithful night in May 2002.

I wouldn't have all of the material items, attitude, strength or the courage to push through. I am also thankful that my parents' suffering came to an end, even though it was not a peaceful way to leave this world. I am able to take this hardship with me to my kids, grandkids, and my grave. It is the driving force for my will to accomplish all that I do. I am going to make my parents and those in my life proud to have known me for something more than just a survivor, a victim, but as myself, Sharon Henry. Look out world cause I'm going to shake thing up! :D

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It is very sad but every cloud has a silver lining.

Very said but beautifully written!

i lost some friends and a father figure of mine back on in the navy. fire broke out temps got to 163 crew passed out from smoke and heat.we saved who we could but not everyone.i froze as half the ship was in panic.i can feel where your coming from and of course im sorry for what that night in your families life.some lose but u got a good head on your shoulders like my old cheif used to say good job keep going

I dont know if that painful things hapened to me.. Im admiring you for being so brave even in a young age.. Mybe in my age its añoying to say that my greatest fear in life is the time i wil lost the mos precious people in my life.. But thats life anyway, i was blessed with such wonderful parents and my anxiety s getin worst as days passing by that mybe one day i may los them.. But im jus praying that God will give them more more years, to kep them safe all the time and good health.. Thinking that even im miles away in the botom of my heart my love fir them is always here. Anw, jus kep it up.. Move on.. Everyting hs a reason.God always make things beautiful in the end..

Things happen for a reason in life!<br />
<br />
Mabe it is lesson plan on forgiveness.<br />
<br />
Just start thinking of all the good things in your life right now!<br />
<br />
Somtimes i question my self....what if I this happen instead of that or why did this happen to me. <br />
You will drive yourself crazy if you keep thinking that way! J<br />
<br />
Read the stories on here! Thank god your no longer in that situation! It looks like your starting to realize that now.

I was not able to read it all but what was creepy was that I lost my parents very yound and my brother of AIDS a few years back and my mother's name was Alicia. You don't hear that name often.<br />
Personally I think I am way stronger because of the deaths and lots of things don't bother me NEARLY as much as they would bother others. Resiliance is my best friend.