He Was Taken Away From Me

i was visiting my sister at the hospital after her surgery( i dont remember what) and there he was. his name was brian. he was roaming the hospitail and just came up to me and said hi. he asked me if i wanted to talk to him and i said yes. so we sat down and started to talk and surely my parent were watching me.he was 8 and i was 7. while we were talking i asked him why he was here and he told me he had cancer. i was shocked, he looked so healthy and he was so young. after that day we became friends. i would visit him at his house or at the hosipital everyday afterschool or he would visit me at my house whne he could. i have to admit i had a crush on him. i told him i liked him when i was 10 and he liked me too, so he was my first little boyfriend like my mom called it. . but then when i was about 11 and he was about 12 he got way worse and was starting to give up on himself. i would cry whenever i saw him in pain. i really liked him, heck i loved him, as much as an 11 year old can love someone. i didnt want him to die, id cry even thinking about it. i would wish he would get better. i even remember the last night we talked like it was yesterday.


i went to visit brian at the hospital. but when i walked in he look so weak and fragle. he was as white as a ghost and his eye were dropping. i thought he was falling asleep so i was going to leave but then he called my name, so i went back.
"dont leave" said brian
"your half asleep,plus you should get your rest" i said
"no i wanna talk to you" brain said stubbornly
" fine but only for a few minutes" i said
"i have something to tell you" he said
"go on" i said waiting
"amy.............. i love you" he said surely
i stood there speechless
"i just wanted you to know. i know i dont have much time left soooooo......" he said
i just stood there with my tears rolling down my cheek
"why are you crying"he asked quietly
"you time isnt going to ended, you're going to be fine. you're going to beat this." i said in denial
"amy look at me" he said
but i shook my head stubbornly
i took a deep breath
"i love you too" i said , i know i was too young to say it before but its true.
he smiled and then my phone rang
it was my mom, she wanted me home. so i gave him a peck on the cheek and said bye and left.

he died that night in his sleep, i broke my heart and me. as i write this there are tears rolling down my cheeks. it hurts me to write this, but he is not my secret. bye
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1 Response Sep 8, 2011

i can`t even imagine how hard that must have been :/<br />
i amn very sorry for your loss

its ok ive learned to live with it. i know he's safe where ever he is. i will always love him but i know im on the road to getting better and moving on.