The Ones I Love Are In Another World.

There was an accident when I was 6 yrs old. It was horrible. Many people died, but mostly people were injured or not hurt at all. There was I think 300 and something that died. 400 and something injured and the rest were okay. I don't know the exact numbers. Like I said I was 6.

My 2 aunts died (mom sisters) My 4 cousins died. and one of my great uncle's wife died too. And my uncle's wife who he had just married died, too. But most importantly is my Mom.

I've had my share of near death experiences, but it's different I guess.

It's like I've lost so many people I care about. Aunts cousins my mom and it just breaks my heart everytime I think about it.

Especially my Mom. I mean yeah my anunts are dear and close to my heart and they've got kids so I know how they feel. And cousins they were like friends I could never have, but one of them was a year old. My uncles wives didn't know them that well. doesn't mean it doesn't still break me inside. Makes me ache and hurt all over.

My mom. I've always wondered how it would be if she were still here. I just miss her. I want somebody I can talk to. I want somebody that can hold be, care about me, love me, but I don't think I'll never get that. I don't think I even know how those things feel. I barely remeber my mom, but I still miss her and every last one of them. I can see them for seconds in my head, but then they just disappear.

Is it too much to ask for. wanting to be with her no matter which worlds we're in. Sometimes i think dying is that bad, but I'm still a little bit hesitianted to leave the people that I care about right now. I wanna be with her and them, but how long am I supposed to wait till that day.

I miss them like crazy. Makes me wanna beg God to take my life now, but than again I don't know. I should probably just wait till my time, and then we'll be together again. If that's ever possible.

The lose of a loved one doesn't ends somebody's life, just gives it meaning.

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3 years isn't much. You were 9 and I was 6 not that big of a difference. My sister was 9 though.<br />
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Your welcome.

Aw, thank you. You have been through so much, as you were way younger than I was.

Thanks MrsMs I'm glad that there are so many understandting people here. But the truth is I've gotten over it, but sometimes I still have a good cry here and there. It took a while to get passed i, but what's behind us is behind us, right? I will never forget those people I lost, because they will always be in my heart for as long as I'm alive.<br />
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Sorry about your dad. I just find really sad to lose a parent at such a young age, especially when the parent was great!!! which they usually are.<br />
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Well talk to you soon.

Omy this brought tears to my eyes. I am so sorry for all of your losses. Sometimes when I think life is hard, I read a story like this. If you ever need to vent I am here.<br />
I think a loss of a parent is THE hardest to go through, as I lost my father at age 9.<br />
God Bless you.

We probably could help each other. You could always share your feeling and we'll probably do the same. I've had those moments when I wanted to take my life. But 1 my religoin doesn't allow that, and I am religouis which helps with my grief. and 2 i care about my sisters and brothers too much, i don't want to leave them behind in this world that is full of mean cruel people. There are good people out there but there really really hard to find.<br />
The Lose of a loved one, hurts, but it makes us stronger.

I know what you mean.When I lost my father and then my brother I was thinking of how to kill myself. So I could be with them. But then my husband, thank god for my husband. If not for him I would not be here. Anyway I went to grief share and a doctor. It really helped. Hey, maybe we can help each other. Really sorry for you loss.

I agree. My familt doesn't mention those that were lost and if they do there's always some odd silence. No worry I won't leave this world anytime soon. I don't think I can. Not yet anyways. I have to much and anyways it doesn't feel like it's my time. Same thing does with my mom aunts and cousins. I get flash backs. I don't remember really. Just sometimes a smell, or the way they walk, or the way the smile or something simple. But still it means alot.<br />
And yes I do believe this accident happened for a reason and that it was fate. It was meant to happen. Not to punish anybody to make us who were all envolved better people, but some still haven't learned.