Tears Roll Down My Cheek

Tears roll down my cheeks
as I think of the never endless pain
I have every single day.

 Day after day I think of the heart ach I’ve had for years.
The pain that comes whenever I realize a loved one is being hurt.
It kills me to see them and not be able to do anything about it.  

There’s a big difference when you’re being hurt
But when somebody else that you care about gets hurt,
It hurts a lot more.  

Tears roll down my eyes
As I remember all the times I’ve lied to them.
How is it they know nothing about how I feel?
Why it is I’m so depressed, or why I’m so angry?  

None of them understand that I’ve kept everything inside.
Ever since I turned to that age,
I became emotionless, lifeless, heartless.  

If I showed happiness about anything
They might take it away from me.
If I said what I really wanted
I might never get it.
And if I dared to cry in front of them
I would be weak and laughed at in front of my face.  

Tears rolled down my cheeks
Ever single time I remembered a hurtful remark.  

Anything a sister might have said,
Or brother, or cousin.
OR maybe just a aunts look or an uncle’s.  

I might be stupid but I’m not naive.  
I’m tired from this world, and I’m tired from all this pain.
Everybody has somebody to talk to,
And me… I don’t even have a lousy one.

SerenityDolphins SerenityDolphins
22-25, F
3 Responses Aug 10, 2008

I think everybody feels that way when they loose a loved one. And thanks.

this story makes me think about all the things i have done. you have a special heart.

THANK YOU!! when i wrote that poem I was feeling a bit down. You could say for that moment the world was just becoming too much too handle.