Heroine Overdose

On Sunday my best friend ODed on heroine.

I got out of work after 6pm. Her and my cousin (who is my other closest friend) had been hanging out and told me they bought synthetic weed to celebrate a little with because my 21st birthday was Tuesday. (I never heard of it til that night. It was 4 bucks at the gas station, legal, and I was told it was harmless). Later that night around 9ish we were sitting on my front porch. We had just each taken about 2 hits of synthetic weed. She began having a seizure, her body *******, her mouth foaming. I ran and dialed 911 as my cousin woke up my brother and got him outside. She lost her pulse. My brother had to do CPR until the ambulance got to my house. I didn't even know about the heroine until I was riding with her in the ambulance on our way to the hospital.

I later found out that she asked my cousin to do it with her earlier that day and that he was going to but when he watched her do it infront of him it freaked him out so he decided not to. No one told me until after everything happened.

She is alive. She won't go to rehab. She was already at work today when she got out of the hospital just yesterday. I'm flabbergasted. I don't understand. I have SOOOOOOOO many emotions that I can't even describe it without it not making ay sense to anyone. I have an appointment with a psychologist tomorrow morning. I can't stop having nightmares and thinking about it every second... If anyone knows any great psychologist/counselor/whatever in Massachusetts or close to the South East shore of Massachusetts that would be good for talking about trauma/drugs/grieving with then that would be great... Or if you have any stories and could tell me how you reacted after or how you have gotten better by talking to someone or something... it'd be appreciated.
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it's kind of all a mess. we haven't seen too much of each other since. yesterday was my birthday and i kind of stayed away from everyone. i feel like if i see any of them i might just have a mental breakdown so i'm waiting until i see the psychologist tomorrow. everyones pretty much a mess.

Have you told your friend how much grief you are experiencing as a result of this incident? How are your brother and cousin handling things in the aftermath?<br />
I will not label myself as anything but a listening ear and a comfortable shoulder, but if you want to chat I'm here.