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Lost Communication

I know this group is called I Lost Someone I Loved to Cancer. And well technically I haven't lost her yet if I did I would've already found out about it I would be the first to be informed. But what I have lost is all forms of communication with her. She's got no one with her to help her out with this. And I believe no one should be alone to fight cancer no one deserves to fight for the their life alone. I wish I could be with her but she lives in another country and my mom will never allow me to go where she is. I mean she doesn't even let me go out to get the mail without her coming with me so I doubt she'll let me go off to another country.

My cousin (bubblynng08) is a member here on EP. She's the one who told me about this site and why I'm on here in the first place. I've never actually met her but we used to talk to each other all the time through letters in the mail. My mom wouldn't have allowed her to talk to me on the phone or through e-mail. We would tell each other about our daily lives. She got me and I got her. But ever since Mexico became completley chaotic she no longer wrote to me as much as she used to. I would send her a letter and she usually responded within that same week. But she didn't anymore it would take her about 2 weeks or so to respond to my letter. I knew what was going on over there from watching the news and I knew that it wasn't her fault that she responded so late but I guess you can call me self-fish when I say that I didn't care what was going on over there I just wanted her to talk to me. She's the only one whom my mom approves of (maybe because she's her niece) and actually didn't make me break up the pen-pal thing we had going on. And she's the only who seemed to get what I was going through she understood me and I could tell her everything and she wouldn't judge me for it. And she did the same thing and I don't judge for it either. But about a month ago she wrote me a letter telling me that she has cancer and how her family no longer wanted anything to do with her they aren't there to help her through this (which is messed up) and that's the last I heard from her. I thought that if I got on here that maybe we could talk again but I see that she hasn't been on here since last week and I'm really worried about her.

I've seen her profile and read all her stories and I'm sure some of you have too espeically the one about her being a liar. She told me about that and she also told me about how this place made her realize that she no longer needed to lie. So to those of you who don't believe she really is sick then that's up to you but I know she isn't lying because she wouldn't have stopped talking to me if she wasn't. She told me everything about her even being a liar and I noticed a change in the way she wrote to me after she got on here so I know that she really did change.

I miss talking to you Natalie I hope you get better soon.
InmemoryofLifelessStar InmemoryofLifelessStar 18-21, F Apr 4, 2011

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