Mother's Day My Mother With Lung Cancer

I am very lucky that I can call and talk to my Mother on Mother's Day, she has stage 4 lung cancer & lives several states away. She was told that she had only about 18 months to live if Chemo worked and January 2012 would have been her 18 months and she is still alive. She is going down fast but I will be able to call her tomorrow and tell her how much I love her.I am lucky because I have a brother that moved in with her last August when my Dad died of lung cancer. If you have a Mother alive, please let her know how much you love her even if you have had issues with her.She is your Mother and no matter what may have happened in the past, just forgive & forget and love her. This may be your last time to let her know that you love her. I love her and I miss my Dad soo much. Life will never be the same.
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May 12, 2012