My Grandma And Grandpa

Both my Grandma and Grandpa battled with cancer. My Grandma for 5 whole years and my Grandpa for 3. We always thought that my Grandma was going to pass away first. She didn't. But my Grandpa just 2 weeks before Christmas he passed away. It was the saddest Christmas i have ever been through.

He had Prostate cancer, i didn't get a chance to be with him during his last days but between my fmaily members and myself we still joke about his comments he used to say during his last days in hospital.

My Grandma ended her battle with cancer just under a year ago. I was lucky enough this time to spend her few last days with her in hospital. But the cancer had got to her brain and she couldn't talk or react to us, until one day when my mum, aunt sister and me were singing Bohemian Rhapsody, a tear ran down her face, she could still hear us :)

My mum and aunt decided to stay that night and in the early hours of the morning she passed away. I was so upset that i decided that at her funeral i would read out one of her favourite poems. I did. It was the hardest thing i've done and i will ever do. After teh funeral my grandma's friends and my family members told me how strong and brave i was to read the poem out. I thought to myself that i wasnt the brave one btu that my Grandparent's were for battling cancer.

Grandma and Grandpa you will be forever in my heart. <3
jenninb jenninb
18-21, F
Jun 17, 2012