Rest In Peace..

On june 16 2012 I lost my papaw to cancer.He wasnt diagnosed for a full month before he died.It took him fast.May 21 they told us he had cancer.Two days before that was the last day he walked.From then on he was bed fast.They sent him home on May 29.They didnt even try to help him,they just gave up.The cancer was everywere,his brain.His mind went quickly,he stayed confused.He ate apple sauce,thats all.Six days before he died he stayed asleep and didnt eat.The doctors wouldnt hook him up to a feeding tube.They just let him lay there and starve untill he died.My papaw held on till 3:37a.m on Tuesday July 16.This was his birthday.He died on his 69th birthday.I love you papaw!
Tbdb2012 Tbdb2012
13-15, F
Sep 1, 2012