I Lost My Grandma To Cancer

On the 10th August my grandma Dianne lost her battle against cancer. She passed away peacefully at willow burn hospice in leadgate. I did not know her well as my parents split up. But when I heard she had cancer I visited her. She was a fantastic woman. And a great grandma. We talked about art and school and my plans for the future. It was definitely hard facing the fact that she was gone. The funeral was 10 days later on the 20th August. My dad carried the coffin and I cried throughout the entire requiem mass and burrial. She was well loved by all and touched so many people in so many different ways. She is with god now. Her passing has has an effect on me. I'm planning to become more religious so one day I can join her xxx

RIP grandma Dianne xx
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1 Response Sep 4, 2012

I lost my grandma two years ago to breast cancer . She was very dearly loved and known by everyone in Arizona . I miss her so much and if you need anyone to talk to you I am here for you .