I Lost My Mummy To Cancer!! F*** Cancer !!`

One day my mummy came home crying,I asked ''Mom Why are you crying'' ? she replied 'nothing'. I went in my room, wondering what she had........
So one day i listen her on phone telling that her mom (my grandmather).
I do if I did not know until they told me.
It was operated but certainly not escaped from cancer. :(

~F*** u Cancer~

Miss u mom!!
directionergirl directionergirl
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3 Responses Nov 30, 2012

I'm very sorry for your mom she will be dearly missed :,(

This is so sad my mom ALMtOST got cancer I lost my 3rd grade teacher a month ago because she got cancer (long story)we had a mini funeral at school so sad I'm sorry for your loss:,(

i know how you feel i lost my mum when i was 13 and i still cant get over it.it pains like **** to see the person you love die slowly :'( i am sorry for your lost..

i'm sorry for your mum too :(