Your The Best Aunt Forever

My life feels like its been on hold since you died 3 years ago and
the feeling of sadness is only a pain ... How much we all still need you and also how my mom and other aunt need you and miss you, I think about how when I was a little dirt poor girl my momwould bring us to the city and we would get the same treatment as your own and you included anyone who needed a mom no matter the amount of kids we would all go the movies and get somthing special from you. Will I was a adult
you were strong for me and a partner to my crimes as you took enjoyment
from our happiness and joy and spread that love of life to many people and
we all miss you....How many changes have happened and births aare nd deaths
that you must see but not here, your a grandma and you must know all an I wish you were here to gossip all about it.I miss you....see you soon!!
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 12, 2013