It was the summer of '01. I was 8years old living in Compton, CA.

I woke up that morning seeing my mom and grandma in the front door, talking to some lady, all crying. I asked my mom what was wrong and she tols me to go back to sleep. So, I asked again and she told me to play the N64. By then, I knew my Uncle Javy died. I went to the room with my cousin and started crying. My mom came into the room and told me not to cry. These are the words that I will NEVER forget, "Don't cry, because he's in Heaven laughing at you. Hahaha look at Tony Cry"

My Uncle was 21 when he died. It wasnt an accident. People killed him. I won't give details. But, they shot him 12times.

Losing someone is hard. I was 8 when he died. Now, I'm 17, 11 years later. Still hurts my family.
JBecerra JBecerra
18-21, M
Feb 2, 2011