Rip. Papa.

Sometimes I really think so hard
That it drives me insane
Sometimes I try to reach you,thinking it will heal my pain

And sometimes I wonder
If you're better where you are
If your smiling down at me
Looking through the stars

I often turn to sleep so I can see your face
And as selfish as it seems
I think that here on Earth with me
Sometimes is the only better place
That you could ever be

Then theres times when I wonder
If you are really at peace
Somewhere as beautiful
As a clover with four leaves

I'm crying tears like rain fall or early morning dew
Falling down on Tiger Lilies
That reminds me of you

I'm dancing in the shadow of love that you have left for me
I'm never letting go of you
But at the same time setting you free

I'll remember you in the winter
And I will miss you in the spring

I will see you when I am sleeping
And hear you in my dreams

I'll remember all the words you said
And all you've taught me
And be thankful for the days I learned
That even though you're gone

I'll always have the memories
And up or down where ever I go
Because you were in my life
It will continue to go on
noonehere4u noonehere4u
18-21, F
Feb 4, 2011