I Lost My Best Friend Zach Ware He Was Only 16

i lost one of the most important ppl in my life on july 25 he went missing and he was found dead july 29 the day he was killed and it is so hard to deal with losing him because it just dont seem real he was only 16 when that stupid man took him from us he took him from a town of ppl that really cared about him and he was so popular with everyone and not to mention my bf is in the army at bootcamp and zach was his best friend to and this is killing us both going to his services with out my bf hurts the most i have to ask his parents to go with me because i need someone there with me. zach was the best friend anyone could ask for he was always funny outgoing athletic and always making someone laugh when they were sad that was one of his best qualities he also had amazing eyes and an amazing smile and he has been like my brother to me for the past 5 years now and i dont see how anyone can take a 16 yr. old away from ppl that love him i just really cant believe this its so hard to believe that hes gone it just really is i dont see why it had to be him it didnt seem real that friday when i get a message fb that was a forward saying "found Zach Morris Ware but :(( R.I.P Zach Morris Ware" i didn't believe it i thought that someone had started something b/c on the news all they said was they found him and nothing else i really didnt believe it till i got on fb later that night about 1 1/2 hours after i got that message and everyone was posting"R.I.P Zach Ware!! Love and miss you lots" and thats when i picked up my phone and called his parents and said "yall found zach" and his mom said yes we found him but  he is gone and i just feel to the ground thinking why him why he didnt deserve this he didnt he was such a good person with an amazing life ahead of him. its still hard to believe but i guess its true just last night at the visitation seeing his pictures and then knowing that he was in that casket  just didnt seem real but it only made it harder b/c it was a closed casket and it would have been easier if i caould have seen his face one last time in person to tell him good bye because no good byes were said he was gone b4 we knew it i love and miss you zach ware R.I.P bubby!!
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Honey, im so sorry for this great loss to you as well as his family. I have experienced almost the same. I found a great comfort in the fact that it was better to have our loved one here on earth with us than to have never have had that loved one at all. We are always connected so in truth you have not lost him. His spirit is all aaround you in every beautiful thing you see and every wonderous thing you experience. please dont forget that. Peace and love to you and Zachs family.

we just laid him to rest just a few mins ago and its so hard to deal with it hurts so bad and tonight is the candle light visual for him i am in a break down mode and its so hard like i said he was really the only one who knew what i was going through b/c i my bf had left for bootcamp and he was always the one to tell me that everything is gonna be ok and now i feel like my world is falling apart and that i have lost evrything....but i know zach wouldnt want me to be crying and breaking down he would want me to be smiling and laughing b/c thats wat he always did no matter what was going on at the time he is one out 20 ppl that have went missing in my town and he is one of the four they have found dead so i am so scared for my life that it could hapen to me and my other friends he didnt deserve this he just didnt neither did his parents or me his friends or anyone else i shouldnt have had to deal with this no one should hes only 16 he would have graduated this year :(((((((((((((((((((

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i lost my wife at 19

im so sorry thats horrible and thanks