Miss You Dad

I was allways closer to my father than I was my mother. When I was little instead of staying home I allways wanted to go with Dad when he worked on the farm so he would allow me to go with him and help, untill I got married and moved out we worked on the farm, worked on trucks, mowed the lawn, cooked, there wasnt much we didnt do together. I didnt mean to but it hurt him alot when I got married and moved out, I was all he had because mom fell in love with another man and divorced him and my sister was allready married and moved out.For 4 years I had friends tell me all my Dad wanted was for his son to move back home. One day I got A phone call form Grandma and she said dad was in the emergency room so I went to the hospital to see him. He only lived for 3 days in the hospital and the last thing he told me before he died was I love you son.
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2 Responses Feb 17, 2012

I'm glad you got to be with him, and hear him say these words to you, to put your mind at rest. It is always very sad to lose those we love, and I know you will always miss him.

I did put my mind at rest and I am glad he told me

Thanks, I am glad he told me he loved me because I thought he was mad at me when I moved out. Yes we were very close.

As much as I'm sure your father loved being with you I'm also sure he wanted/wants you to have a good life of your own as well... that's how loving parents are... don't waste one minute feeling guilty but spend plenty of them remembering the joy... IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MEMORIES THAT WE CHOOSE TO MAKE! Sounds like you have plenty to recall.