Mrs Mac - My Inspiration And Role Model

It has been 12 months today since she left this world.
My Inspiration and role model.

There hasn't been a day where I haven't missed her.

She was like a mother to me and was always there when I needed her with
some words of advice, some encouragement and a hug.

She taught me so much more than my own mother ever has and I just imagined
she would be around forever.

She was in her 60's when she died but still very much full of life. I saw her
the day before she died with a big smile on her face. Her death was so sudden.

She wasn't family biologically but I was closer to her than I am with most of my family.

She was a mother to so many people who's mothers didn't care, or like mine who was too busy.

I have changed my life quite a bit for the better since she left and I would just have loved her to have seen
what I have accomplished. I know she would be proud though.

I just hope I can be like her in a few years.
sica211 sica211
22-25, F
May 24, 2012