Daddy, Addison, And, Alexa

I lost my Dad after 14 months back surgery. He was my best friend I miss him so much, his wound never healed. I watched him be abused by my mother. I did everything I could for him. This was in 2007. Then in 2009 I lost twins. Addison the one they said I'd take home died two weeks after birth. Alexa the one they said would die two days after being. Born lived for 4 months I miss then. No one understands my pain. I'll never be the same. I recently moved and had to start therapy again. My son is joining the air force yesterday he told me he wanted to join the army. I am very upset, I can't handle another loss. I know it's being selfish but I told him if something were to happen I would be with him because I couldn't handle it. I'm on meds they don't seem to help. My husband has had enough of my depression. He wants to act like it never happened. I can't.
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1 Response May 31, 2012

Life has indeed given you quite a bunch of reasons to be really depressed about.. the several losses that has happened to you could never be put to words enough to comfort you; but like they all say, after every storm a rainbow would always follow. Don't despair, there's still a billion reason to be happy about.