Cancer Took Her From Me

I keep my head down,
I dare not look at the faces around me
I will see on their face what I feel inside
I dare not look into their eyes
I will see in their eyes what I feel inside
There is a sudden chill spreading down my spine
I hold on to my coat wrap it tight around me
God, protect me.
I walk grudgingly, my pace slow
I don’t want to go
Please! No…
My heart is in turmoil
This cannot be happening
I keep my eyes focused on the floor,
I dare not blink for a tear may fall
I lag behind not wanting to catch up
I turn the corner, stalling for time
I am not ready
To say goodbye
I clench my fists
my jaw set
I refuse to say farewell
This is not the end
I see her…
It is difficult to breathe
What have they done to her
Why wont she smile her winning smile
Grab me by the scruff of my neck and embrace me tight
Where is she
Suba Suba
22-25, F
Sep 19, 2012