The Day The Music Died.

My family is a wolf and we are crying at the moon. We have broken hearts that will be no less than ringed out today. My family is very big, we stick together and are very close. I have countless cousins, and a team of uncles and aunts. Today we are laying my Uncle to rest. I already feel the pain of my family. Ive always sucked up others feelings, and my family is my own, so I feel it so heavily. Our souls are singing violins, mourning a departure of something that turned from familiar to gone. He was my father's brother, his very best friend. I see the world crumbling in my father's face. I see the change of tide inside of his eyes. It tears me in two. I still hear my Uncle's voice and laughter in my mind. I hear it and feel scared that I will lose it. We grew up in a circle of strumming guitars, spoons and harmonica, what do you do when the lead stops playing? Where do you go from here? When the world around you just stops for a while.
skiescollide skiescollide
22-25, F
Nov 29, 2012