His Father

Men, good men, are not born they are grown. Grown from the strength of their fathers.
The good ones are taught to love their families, honor the women in their lives, to work hard, and to raise children other people do not want to run over with a car.
His father taught him all of this and more. Never be lazy. Strive to be better than the next guy, But never be arrogant. Family first, especially your children.
So when the day came and the once great man that molded him began to fade, this mountain of a man became a little boy again. I watched this man who i admired become an even greater man. His heart and soul were welded together by the lessons his dad taught him. He shed tears at seeing his father weaken. But he stood tall as he was taught. He was at his fathers side. He took the responsibility on his broad shoulders and carried it with out wavering. It was hard for him. But he did it all with love and dignity.
He  has shown that his father did indeed grow a good man. And with this, he has shown to me that he is all i knew he was. Even when he doubts it, Even when he tells me i do not deserve to live in this stress. I am proud to be at his side. Real men, good men, are not afraid to let their hearts show. And my man has heart to spare. I have seen it in pride and in weakness. And it has made me love him all the more.

lunazule lunazule
41-45, F
Dec 4, 2012