I Really Miss Him

    There was this guy named Nick that I grew up with.  He was my next door neighbor, and he didn't have a mom (she died) and I didn't have a dad (divorce and moved away) so our two families were kinda combined.  my mom "adopted" him and his dad "adopted" me and my brother.

     Anyway, at the beginning of the war, he was killed when his humvee was hit by a grenade launcher from some insurgents. 

    I miss him soooooo much.  there was a time in my life that i seriously considered marrying him, but we decided to stay "brother and sister" (basically just really good friends) instead.  now i kinda wish i would have married him and had a kid with him.  He did have a son before he died, but his widow is a ***** and won't let his son see Nick's dad (Jack), let alone any of us.  If I had married him and had his son at least Jack would have contact with his only grandchild.  And this is the only grandchild Jack will ever have because Nick was an only child.
SunshineDaydream SunshineDaydream
26-30, F
May 25, 2007