My brother died a little over a week ago... Memorial is tomorrow.
Numb, cold, sad.
I Feel like there is a gaping hole in my chest and every bit of energy is dripping out.

How do I stay the flood? I have a toddler and a disabled partner to take care of... How do I grieve and caretake?

I can't afford to lose it. My brother is gone so suddenly and leaving behind a five year old daughter... How do I not lose my sh-t?

SnugglyBuffalo SnugglyBuffalo
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2 Responses Aug 30, 2014

I'm so sorry.

Omg I'm so sorry for your lost give it a lil time things will get better for u I lost my mom 7/16/14 and I still have my hard days but every day that goes by it gets a lil better