The Death Of My Only Sister

I lost my only sibling, Agnes, when i was just 11. She was 15.
It started like any other day. I left for school and yelled bye to her through her door and in return she replied with a sleepy grunt of a goodbye. She had just finished her exams for the year so she was sleeping in. She left to a beach with her friends that day and told my parents she would be home by four. As I got home from school it was maybe 2 hours until policemen came to our door. I went to my room and not long afterwards my dad burst into my room, obviously in a state of shock and told me that my sister was dead. It hit me like a ton of bricks and this day would change me forever. Me and my sister were very close, we did everything together.

My sister and her best friend took one of their friends cars for a drive down to a shop to get them drinks. My sisters friend, Linda was driving (she should not have been she only had her learners licence) and took a 35 corner at 60. She lost control the car rolled over a bank. They say she was killed instantly, the car had rolled and hit a big rock and the way down which impacted her head. However  the driver suffered no injuries.

Not a day goes by without me thinking about and missing her.

Its been hard adjusting to life as an 'only child' now. I think about the future and how she will no longer be in it in the way that i had hoped.
aliwhatt aliwhatt
Jul 25, 2010