R.i.p Dad And Pa :,(

To start this off. It was July 4, 2009, Me, my brother and my dad. We were having a blast shooting off fire works and all that fun stuff! me mom and dad were divorced. My mom brother and step dad and I planne on going to the beach that day. So before Me and my brother left we decided to spend some time with our dad. So, It was time to leave to go to the beach. Whe go t to the beach, july 9, 2009 I woke up to my mom talking to my granny. I went back to sleep thinking nothing was wrong. My mom finally told me and my brother what had happend, my dad had a car accident that night. I dinn't cry becasue I thought everything was gonna be okay. That night we packed our stuff and left the beach. I told my mom that I wanted to go see dad at the hospital. So we did. I went back there to see him. What I saw I didn't know what to do. He was in that hospital bed he was asleep. but when the wreck happend he was uncontious when they found him. So they had to get life star and fly him up to U.T hospital. He over corrected and it sent the car out of control and he flipped 2 times and the car landed on him. He broke all of his ribs and before this wreck happend awhile before he had a motorcycle accident he had a bad arm from that wreck. He broke that arm also they had to take part of his brain out. He survived 7 days after the wreck, The doctors had told my granny that he had kidney failure. July 15, 2009 he passed away. I never knew how hard it would be to lose someone I was so close with. Atleast we have our memories. This is his daughter Karly I'm 13 now. It is 2011, He died 3 years ago. I know how some people who have lost there dad or a loved one.
Also my papaw was his dad. He wasnt a violent man. He loved my family! After all he has been through hes a good man. I'll never forget that day! My mom woke me up one morning and had told me what happend to him. He killed himself at his house. but his (EX) wife Linda was trying to put him BACK in jail for nothing. She said that he was trying to kill her which I think that wasnt true. I never in my life thought I'd lose my dad and my papaw so soon. R.I.P Dad & Pa. I hope people pray.! God bless all who have lost a loved one! I'm orry for your loss.
bigk817 bigk817
Nov 6, 2011