I Lost My Son's Father In A Car Accident.

Last November he was in a bad accident with his friend, they both died, and both leaving behind two beautiful baby boys.
His friends' son was a few weeks or a month old, and my son with Thomas was 20 months old.

No one knows exactly WHAT happened, just that they were on a highway and when they veered off to the shoulder they slammed into the back of a dump truck. I don't even know if they died on impact, or if they experienced any pain.

But now that it is coming closer and closer to a year since this has happened, I cant stop thinking about it. And keep crying over it at night before I go to bed.

I wish I had seen him once more, and had been able to spend time with him and our son before it happened. :/ He and I had just spoke the day prior to hanging out soon....

I miss him with all my heart. But I know he's in a better place....
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I'm sorry for the loss of your Father

I remember the exact words my daughter uncle said over the phone. Jason's been in an accident. He didn't make it". I felt like the breath had been taken from my lungs. My heart stopped. It was August 23,2013 and I still can't believe it's true. So unfair to my baby girl only five at the time. My mind is scarred with the image of her face the day we told her. I know your pain because I feel it everyday. Sometimes I swear I can feel my spirit leaving my heart in a deep sigh. I cry all the time when I'm out, seeing memories of him in everything. I haven't found comfort yet. Only tears seem to heal the pain for the moment. I hope he's watching over me and is proud of the beautiful angel we have together. She loved her daddy so much. Life can be unfair sometimes to such innocent young children. There hopefully will be some peace soon. It's so hard to "pretend" to be happy when I miss him so much every day. I've never felt pain like this.

I'm sorry for your loss also.
It DOES get easier, little by little, doesn't seem like much but it does in the long run dissipate.
If you need someone to talk to, feel free to shoot me a message any time <3

Time will heal... but you never lose the scar

it definitely still sucks....coming up on the second year since, quite soon actually. 20 more days... :/ it does get easier some times, but other times its still as difficult as the first day i found out...

My heart goes out to you and may you find solace in your memories of him. Close your eyes and talk to him, I'm sure I know how he will answer.

Thank you.
I often try to talk to him. I still just don't want to believe it...I cant even tell you how many times I've passed his name in my phone and thought about texting or calling him...