Dear Friend

I lost a good friend from the recklessness of another. My friend was working for IDOT (Illinois Department of Transportation). She was in a work truck with a coworker. They were sideswiped and t-boned my a grain truck on the highway. Her seatbelt was faulty, and she was ejected thru the front windshield. She was killed on impact. Her body was thrown far enough that she came to rest in a woman's front yard. That woman ran an in home daycare business. :( I hope those children never saw anything.

My friend had her whole life ahead of her. We had been out of high school for just a year when this happened. She was going to school to be a opthamologist.

I think of her often. Even though she's been gone 9 years now, it still feels like yesterday. RIP Ese
steamed27 steamed27
26-30, F
Jan 15, 2013